Check out the Latch on Students using the hot composter in our Sustainability Video. Why Hot Compost?

Firstly, we can compost so much more, cooked food, meat and even bones which could not go in traditional compost. Speed- hot composting is up to 32 times faster than traditional composting! As well as that, there are no smells, flies or vermin!
Latch On students have taken the lead by collecting the waste from the City of Dublin ETB Adult Education Centre Barry Rd and filling the hot composter.
We now have our own ready supply of compost for all our gardening programmes!

End of Single Use Cups

Single use cups are banned in Finglas. To help encourage staff and students make this move away from disposable coffee cups, everyone was supplied with re-useable coffee cups! We reckon already we have reduced our waste by ten large black sacks a week!

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