Study Skills Handbook for Plumbers & Carpentry and Joinery Apprentices

Study Skills Handbook for Plumbers & Carpentry and Joinery Apprentices

A Study Skills Handbook for Carpenters and Joiners is now available for the first time. The resource is designed for apprentice carpenters and joiners completing Phase 2 of their apprenticeship. However, the content could also be of value to teachers and instructors in secondary and further education, particularly those who teach Materials Technology or Construction Studies.
The handbook has been produced by the CDETB Adult Education Service Finglas in collaboration with the Finglas Training Centre


The content is designed to help apprentice carpenters and joiners learn and remember useful carpentry terminology and to assist them in applying mathematical formulas, for example perimeter, area and trigonometry, to real life and work situations.

Independent Learning

It is in workbook format which means the apprentice can track their progress and can decide what aspects they want to complete and when they want to complete them giving them control and ownership over their own learning. Apprentices are provided with textbooks and/or course notes however these provide limited areas for input from learners, hence the development of the Study Skills Handbook

Interactive Learning

The tool includes games, exercises, worksheets and instructions for apps like Kahoot and Quizlet that make learning fun yet informative. A range of learning tools have been used so that the resource appeals to all learners and their various learning styles

Maths for Trades Book Series

A series of Maths for Trades books are also available through local ETBs. These books are part of a collaborative project between ETBs nationwide. The following trades are currently included in the series; Plumbing, Motor Mechanics, Electrical, Metal Fabrication and Carpentry and Joinery.

Nicola Callaghan created the Study Skills handbook for Carpentry and Joinery and contributed to the Maths for Plumbers manual.

Nicola Callaghan is the Study Skills Coordinator of the Finglas Training Centre and delivers one-to-one and group support to apprentices across five different trades. You can contact the Study Skills Service on 087 194 8468 or (01) 81402221 or by email at [email protected].

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